OMA/Progress - Barbican

Kate Woosey,

With our 150 Series and 200 Series wristwatches being featured in the shop for the OMA/ Progress Exhibition at the Barbican London, I thought I would better go down to the exhibition to check it out in person. Curated by Rotor, the exhibition is unlike any similar collections of it type and reflects the inner thinking of OMA.

Founded by architects Rem Koolhaas, Madelon Vriesendorp and Elia & Zoe Zenghelis, the exhibition depicts the history of the OMA or The Office for Metropolitan Architecture since its foundation in 1975. Since then OMA has become known for creating innovative and highly conceptual buildings that landmark the historic, technological and cultural changes that are affecting how individuals lived at that time.

In the honour of OMA focusing on British projects for the first time, the OMA/Progress exhibition is unlike a traditional exhibition in the sense that it contains a vast amount of objects, materials and writing that exist for reasons outside the exhibition space. Curated by Rotor they embraced the notion of creating an exhibition of exhibitions by infusing themselves in the creative process of OMA-working ethics and somehow managing to re-create this sense of process throughout the entire exhibition. This is clearly visible throughout the exhibition in the way that Rotor has displayed the collection of items and it is here that you really understand where the exhibition gets the word progress from.