Uniform Wares is a British company
that designs and produces timepieces based around a philosophy firmly
rooted in contemporary British design
and engineering. Each Uniform Wares timepiece is a carefully balanced exercise exploring the relationships between engineering, aesthetics, function,
material choice and surface finish.

This results in designs that are intentionally pared down and characterised by distinct form, considered use of materials and unique combinations of traditional horological details with hard-wearing surface finishes. All Uniform Wares timepieces house a Swiss movement and every other component part, from the CNC-machined cases to the hand-drawn font on the back of each case is conceived, developed and designed in the company’s London offices.

Established in 2009 by product designers Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek, the Uniform Wares aesthetic is synonymous with a devotion to detail and a firm belief in design with a practical and visual permanence. Uniform Wares timepieces are for everyday use by individuals with an eye for meticulous detailing and a passion for diligent, modern design.